Dr. André A. Fenton from NYU Visits the UPR-RP NeuroID Program

[heading type=3]Dr. André A. Fenton visits the University of Puerto, Río Piedras Campus and offered a seminar titled: “The Dynamic Structure of Cognition: If Space was Time” on March 27, 2018. Followed by the seminar, Dr. Fenton met the NeuroID Program’s students to talk about his professional, academic and investigative development and also listen to the students and their research.[/heading]

[heading type=5]Dr. Fenton works in the Neurobiology Cognition Laboratory at the New York University (NYU).  “We study how brains store experiences as memories, and how the expression of knowledge activates information that is relevant without activating what is irrelevant. Our laboratory uses molecular, electrophysiological, behavioral, engineering, and theoretical methods to investigate these fundamental and interrelated issues in neuroscience.” Read more at fentonlab.com[/heading]

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