Student Selection

Undergraduate students at the end of their sophomore year will be the preferred candidates. However, other students can also apply, as long as they still have at least two more years of academic work toward their bachelor’s degree. They must be studying Biology, Chemistry, General Sciences or Psychology at one of these universities:

  • University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
  • Ana G. Méndez University, Cupey Campus
  • Interamerican University, Bayamón Campus
  • University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón Campus
  • Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan
  • Ana G. Méndez University, Cupey Campus
  • Sagrado Corazón University
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
NeuroID students (Class 2021 & 2022) w. Dr. José García

The selection criteria will be based on two major aspects, academic performance and aptitude toward a research career in Neuroscience. Specifically, the applying students are expected to have at least a 3.2 GPA based on official transcripts, two letters of recommendations (that should be submitted by email: and an essay on future career goals and interest in neuroscience. A list of researchers associated to the NeuroID program would be provided to the applicants (See Mentor Selection Tab). The applicants will need to select a mentor from the provided list in the application form (More information about the mentors’ research projects). While some prior research experience is preferred, this will not be used as exclusion criteria.

The applications will receive a score based on the following criteria: GPA (10 pts.), letters of recommendations (10 pts) and candidate’s essay on his/her future career goals and interest in neuroscience (10 pts). The maximum score that the applicant can obtain is 30 points. The applicants who place in the top 10 will be invited to participate in an interview with the program directors. The top eight (8) students will receive an acceptance letter to the program within two weeks from their interviews.

Application and Interview Procedure

The student will need to complete the application form, which you can access during the month of February. The student needs to fulfill all the established requirements. Failure to complete the application process will result in disqualification. 

By mid April, the applicants will receive letters indicating the result of the evaluation done by the Selection Committee. The top 10 applicants will be invited to participate in an interview. The interview process will be carried out by the Program Directors (Drs. García-Arráras and Maldonado-Vlaar). Additionally, the candidate will be interviewed by his/her possible research mentor, if accepted. After the interview process, the top 8 applicants will be invited to participate in the NeuroID program. The students will have 10 business days to inform their acceptance to the program. Failure to respond in time will be interpreted as a refusal to participate.


Requirements to apply:

  • Applicant must be currently registered as active undergraduate student.
  • Provide your G.P.A. It has at least a 3.2 GPA based on official transcripts.
  • Send us your Official Transcript from your institution
  • Two letters of recommendations (that should be submitted by email:
  • Essay on future career goals and interest in neuroscience

Part I: Applicant’s Information

  • Full name
  • Provide permanent mailing address
  • Provide mail address
  • Provide telephone’s number
  • Select your academic institution
  • Provide the department and program you are enrolled in
  • Please specify how you first learned about the NeuroID program.
  • Select the name of the neuroscientist whom you are most interested as mentor.

Part II: Applicant’s Biographical Sketch

  • Scholastic Performance List all undergraduate science courses taken and the grade obtained on them. In other classes, please list elective courses related to science (seminars, CPR training, etc.):The applicant needs to submit an original academic transcript to:

NeurolDUPR-Río Piedras
PO Box 23360
San Juan, PR

Part III: Personal Statement

  • Please state concisely the applicant’s short and long-term academic goals. Describe what courses you would like to take to increase your scientific knowledge and prepare for your future career.Please state what would be your academic goal(s) after finishing the BS degree.
    (Do not exceed 300 words.)

  • Please state what you understand for “research”. Please state in your opinion, what is research and how important do you think it is for society and generation of new knowledge.
    (Do not exceed 300 words.)

  • Please indicate why you want to participate in a training program dedicate exclusively to neuroscience and not other biology areas. (Do not exceed 300 words.)

  • Two letters of recommendations (that should be submitted by email: