BP-Endure Summer Virtual Seminar

What it is about?

Is a special seminar series that will be offered every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm (AST), for nine weeks in a row (June – July). These seminars will be featuring neuroscientists from our institutional network  and other institutions from the United States, that are going to share a variety of topics from their investigations with our students and community.

Presentation Videos from Virtual Seminars

Speaker: Dr. Diego Restrepo
Date: June 24, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Hamilton Farris
Date: July 1, 2020
Speaker: Dr. William Atchinson
Date: July 8, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Yarimar Carrasquillo
July 15, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Ketema Paul
Date: July 22, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Jose E. García-Arrarás
Date: July 29, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Yomayra Guzmán
Date: August 5, 2020

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