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Undergraduate students from the Biology Department create podcasts about mental disorders and their treatments.

A group of undergraduate students enrolled in the course entitled The neurobiology of mental disorders, from the Department of Biology of the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus, created a series of podcasts on the different treatments available for mental disorders from a neurobiological perspective. Before creating the podcasts, each student performed a literature review and based on scientific evidence they developed the narrative.

In short formats of 10-20 minutes, students share their creativity and knowledge on topics related to anxiety, depression, trichotillomania, schizophrenia, suicide, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, eating disorders, bipolar disorder among others. Each podcast is accompanied by a presentation that summarizes its content, author’s information, and a transcript of the audio. These excellent podcasts represent a succinct and interesting summary of the scientific review of each of the topics.

For Dr. Carmen S. Maldonado-Vlaar, Professor of the course – “this creative work done by the students of the College of Natural Sciences aspires to be an effective venue to communicate a very valuable information about mental disorders”. “Through this virtual podcast platform, visitors can learn and educate themselves about the neurobiological bases of mental health and the possible therapeutic alternatives available,” she said. 

Finally, this academic and research effort originated from the undergraduate students of the UPR Rio Piedras Campus has the ultimate objective of being a very useful tool for all those interested in the subject of mental health.


Scientific podcasts related to neuroscience by undergraduate students of the Neuropharmacology course (BIOL 4999), offered by Dr. Carmen S. Maldonado-Vlaar during the second semester 2020-2021 at the College of Natural Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus