Summer Program in Neuroscience, Excellence & Success (SPINES) 2019 DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2019

[heading type=3]SPINES has had an outstanding 20+ year track record of training successful neuroscientists from backgrounds underrepresented in neuroscience to be leaders in the field, honing a variety of important professional skills, including communicating your science, winning grants, honing quantitative skills and preparing to be a top notch PI. The course attracts 20 leading faculty from across the country to teach our 15-20 students in a 3 week intensive immersion experience dedicated to creating and sustaining an outstanding diverse workforce in neuroscience. Travel, room, and board at MBL are covered. Many describe the effect as magical and transformative.[/heading]

[heading type=4]Application Deadline: March 15, 2019. For more information about SPINES’ courses visit:[/heading]

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