NeuroID students wins Hovard Award

We want to congratulate our NeuroID student, Gabriela Hernández, who participated at the The 39th Annual Symposium of the National Neurotrauma Society, that was held in person in Atlanta, Georgia on June 26-29, 2022. Miss Hernández presented her investigation and fell among the top 20 abstracts. Among the top, she had the chance to compete, and she won this year Hovda Award. This award is given to the best undergraduate student that presents at the conference.

What is the Hovda Award?

By National Neurotrauma Society

Dr. David A. Hovda’s trainees and colleagues have collectively endowed a Research Excellence Award in his name, because their lives and careers have been influenced directly by his training, mentorship and friendship.

This annual award is awarded to the highest rated undergraduate/post-baccalaureate trainee poster presentation each year.

Dr. Hovda started his scientific career under the mentoring of Dr. Dennis Fenney at the University of New Mexico. Humility, hard work and gradualism led him to become the Director of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center – a recognized “Center of Excellence” by the National Institutes of Health. He has devoted his research investigations to understanding the mechanisms of recovery of function. He has given tirelessly to serving the National Neurotrauma Society, NIH, and Department of Defense. His efforts have been recognized by the National Head Injury Foundation Award, the Giannini Foundation Award, the Benjamin Franklin Haught Memorial Award and named the Lind Lawrence Eminent Scholar for his work on the topic of Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 2011, Dr. Hovda received the “Strength of the Nation Award” from the United States Army, the highest award given to a civilian from the United States Army.

Dr. Hovda is a passionate and consummate educator, with students and colleagues in every corner of the nation and around the world. In 2006, he received the Women in Neurotrauma award for his teaching and support for women in neuroscience and the James F. Zimmerman Award in 2012.


Award: $500 and engraved glass trophy presented at the annual Symposium
Recipients: Top ranked undergraduate from the poster presentation at the Annual Symposium
How to Apply: Included in the Trainee Poster Competition
Eligibility: Abstract selected as top ranked amongst those submitted for the annual symposium

This award is funded by donations received from grateful students, trainees, colleagues and collaborators

Gabriela Hernandez-Busot (2022)
Tyler Shick (2021)
Chelsea Bray (2019)
Sabrina Salberg (2018)
Patrick Riley (2017)
Miranda Munoz (2016)

Source: National Neurotrauma Society.(2022).Hovda-Award.