Article about the struggle of researchers after Hurricane Fiona passed the island of Puerto Rico

We want to share with the community and gratefully acknowledge the former NeuroID student from Class 2013, Claudia I.ópez Lloreda, for her published article titled: Researchers in Puerto Rico struggle to adapt in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, in the journal Science.

Claudia Lopez Lloreda

“With an islandwide power outage, scientists lose money and time trying to recover their research”

– Claudia López

For this article, López interviewed researchers from the island whose laboratories were affected. And also were in a situation of losses and frustration due to the power outage in Puerto Rico. One of these researchers was, Ileana Rodríguez from the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus, who after the hurricane visited her laboratory and finds out that samples of rare plants that were in a 4C refrigerator are damaged and are useless for studies. Rodríguez said to López: “It’s frustrating to know that all of those hours my students and I spent on working to collect and process these plants are lost,”…. “So much effort is lost in the blink of an eye.”

We invite you to read this short and amazing article about the aftermath researchers and important investigations are being affected do to the island’s lack of electricity.

Source: López, C. (2022).Researchers in Puerto Rico struggle to adapt in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. Journal