NeuroID Class 2012

Neuroscience Research Opportunities to Increase Diversity

NeuroID is a program designed to increase diversity in the Neurosciences. The program provides opportunities to undergraduate students interested in the area of Neurosciences to enhance their scientific knowledge, research capability and social responsibility.

The proposal is centered a the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP), but undergraduate students from other local institutions including UPR Medical School Campus (UPR-MSC), Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC), Universidad del Este (UNE), Universidad Interamericana Recinto de Bayamón (UIRB) and Universidad Metropolitana (UMet) are also eligible to participate.

The Program is aimed at second year (sophomores) students whose major is Biology, Chemistry, General Sciences or Psychology. NeuroID provides a comprehensive research experience for the last two years of the bachelor degree. During this time students will participate in a research experience at one of the mentor's laboratories at UPR-RP, UPR-MSC or UCC. The students will be exposed to seminars, workshops and selected courses to enhance their knowledge in neurobiology and understanding of a research career. This training program also includes novel activities to enhance the students' aptitude toward a research career. The integration of "research with a purpose" philosophy will help undergraduate student to better appreciate a research career in neuroscience and its contribution to society. NeuroID will provide a stipend of $1,000 a month to participating undergraduate, funds to attend national meetings and a summer research experience in one of our collaborating institutions in the mainland (these include Harvard, Yale, Brandeis Univ., Univ. Colorado Denver, Univ. of Vermont, Northwestern University, Univ. Miami among others).

"Every man can, of he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain."

Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Contact Information:
University of Puerto Rico — Rio Piedras Campus
Faculty of Natural Sciences
NeuroID Program — JGD Bldg. Rm 118
PO Box 23360
San Juan, PR 00931-3360








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